Hello  friends!  Welcome to my web page!  Here, you can have easy access to all of my work; that means my websites, my blogs and my poetry compositions.

All of my work is in some way connected to the idea of Christian alternative living.  For some, the worlds of spirituality and health don’t mix, but for me these are two aspects of my life that are inseparable.  My faith is often demonstrated through my health, and I owe my good health to my faith.  I separate the two only because there are Christians who don’t share my views on health and there are health focused individuals who don’t share my views on spirituality.  Therefore I’ve built sites where such individuals could connect with me on a level specific to their own interests and convictions.

This is the page, however, where it all comes together! On this page, you could easily access all of my published work; even if it was merely published on facebook or twitter. Questions, comments and “furthermores” are most welcome on all of my sites including this one; so don’t be shy about letting yourself be heard. In any case, thank you again! Be well and God bless!


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