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Be Well My Friends (BWMF) is my wellness blog.  In November of 2013, I celebrated BWMF’s three year anniversary; and it’s been an amazing adventure!  BWMF was an introduction into my career as both a writer and a webmaster.  It’s ironic that I started BWMF to teach the world about all the unpopular facts about health that I, myself, could testify to.  In a strange twist, writing for BWMF has taught me so much and simultaneously changed my destiny forever.

God gave us bodies that have healing ability.  With proper medical guidance (preferably from a Naturopathic doctor or a licensed/board certified naturalistic health practitioner) the body can heal itself from almost any illness, disease or condition without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.  Contrary to what many may believe, this is a science based claim and I can back it with the use of a single word; homeostasis.  Homeostasis is the forerunner of the body’s natural defense system.  If something is thrown off balance in the body, the brain finds a way to find equilibrium.  The difference between MDs (medical doctors) and NDs (naturopathic doctors) is that NDs will take advantage of homeostasis and utilizes methods that aid the body as it fights for equilibrium.  A perfect example of this is a fever.  A fever may be a bad sign, but the fever itself is useful!  Make no mistake about this.  While mainstream medicine will offer drugs to break the fever, naturopaths will teach the patient to use the fever to help kill the pathogens that are causing the problems.

So to find out more about my experience with health, healing and fitness; please click the link above.  Be well my friends!