About Me


Hello friends!  I’m CC (Cali Chick) Elms.  Thank you for the compliment of checking out my page!  Although I did live in California for several years, Cali is an acronym that stands for Christian alternative living information which is what my whole life is about.  Professionally, I’m a writter, blogger, poet and webmaster and all of my work has to do with health and spirituality (Christian alternative living information).

My professional journey began as an aerobics instructor.  I soon after became a personal trainer, then a massage therapist and reflexologist.  After a long, excruciating, exhausting battle with clinical depression that lasted from my early childhood right through to my early adulthood, not only did I heal (without psychotropic drugs… yes, it’s possible!), but I also learned much about health on my journey and wanted to continue to learn and grow in that field.  Finally having the health, energy and confidence to tackle a new life, I pursued my graduate degree in Educational Counseling which is something I’ve dreamed about since high school.  My goal was to help children who were distracted from academics because of illness by educating their parents about health and educating the professionals who taught their children.  As expected, graduate school played a defining role in my life.  The surprise was that it played a far different defining role than expected.  You see, graduate school was when I was first bitten by the writer’s love bug!  At the risk of sounding geeky, I loved writing papers!  Doing research and writing each and every single paper in grad school was actually exciting and even… fun!  I won an award for excellence in scholarship for my action research paper and was asked to present it at the Spring Symposium at school where several professors put the idea of publishing in my head.  That’s when the writer’s love bug bit me really hard.  Neither the bug nor the bite left me to this very day.

Writing is now leading me down a path that is even more convoluted than my previous career path.  For not only am I a writer, but a poet, a webmaster and  a blogger; all with a specific focus on health and faith.   Health and faith are topics that occur more than any other in my writing whether fiction or nonfiction.  In fact, I’m having trouble thinking of any current work that has nothing to do with spirituality or health.  I worship the God of life and what is health but life pulsing through our bodies?  When I eat the food that He provided for us, I move closer to aliveness; but when I used to eat processed garbage, I remember feeling death creep up on me.  I felt death in me when illness and exhaustion stood in the way of my moving forward.  Though life was something that I literally thought I hated when I had depression, finding my way out of that prison showed me all the beauty and wonder that life had to offer both on earth and in heaven.  I realized later that I didn’t really hate my life, but hated living on the verge of my own death.  I was just deceived into believing that exhaustion I experienced, that illness I suffered and that inability to move forward WAS life.

My passion, therefore, is now life and the God who gave it to me!  I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my God; my savior, my master, my fiercely courageous hero and most beloved big Brother Yeshua, also known as Lord Jesus Christ whom I love with everything I have.  I now unapologetically dedicate my life and my work to His glory and honor.  It’s one of many ways that I can express my undying love for Him and gratitude for all that He has given me.  Blessings and praise to my dear Lord Jesus Christ for my life and His unfailing love for me!